The SUSK Connect Resources page will provide you with detailed information on how the program works as well as with links to blogs, articles and papers that will help you get ready for your first connection through SUSK Connect.

Common questions answered for Professionals and Students


Q: How does SUSK Connect work?

A: Please visit our resources page for step by step instructions (link resources page)

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: We understand that you must be very busy and for that reason, there is no expected time commitment. It is the time you are willing and/or able to give. To ensure that you do not receive a high volume of requests, there is a limit to how many new students can request to speak with you per month.

Q: Will I be paired with only one student like in a mentorship program?

A: Students are not specifically matched up to anyone; the database simply allows students to reach out and connect with somebody they speak with as a “coffee chat” type conversation.

Q: I don’t think I can keep up with the amount of requests I am receiving. What should I do?

A: Please contact


Q: How does SUSK Connect work?

A: Please visit our resources page for step by step instructions (link resources page)

Q: Where can I find the login to the database?

A: The database is available to students who are part of the Ukrainian students’ organization (USO) at their school. Please contact an executive member of your school’s USO and they should be able to help you to get access to the database.

If you need help finding the appropriate USO, please reach out to VP responsible for your university.

Email: Email: Email:
University of Victoria University of Western Ontario McGill University
University of Saskatchewan Guelph Humber University Concordia University
University of Calgary York University University of Ottawa
University of Alberta University of Toronto,
Carleton University
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MacEwan University McMaster University Queen’s University
University of Winnipeg Georgian College Carleton Rukh
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University of Guelph
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Wilfred Laurier University
University of Waterloo
Q: How can I prepare for my coffee chat?

A: Visit our resources page to find out! (Link to resources page)

Q: When I try to contact a professional, it says that they are currently unavailable to chat. What does this mean?

A: In order not to overwhelm professionals, there is a monthly limit to how many student requests they can receive. Try again early next month and you should be able to get in touch with them.