The SUSK Connect Resources page will provide you with detailed information on how the program works as well as with links to blogs, articles and papers that will help you get ready for your first connection through SUSK Connect.

Step by Step Instructions for Professionals and Students


  • You will receive an email from when a student is interested in reaching out to you
  • The email will include: the name of the student, their school and program and a short message from the student
  • Click the reply button to generate an automatic email to the student
  • Send them an email with a brief message including a general range of when you would be free to chat (ex. In the next two weeks)
  • The student will initiate a conversation about a time to meet
  • Coffee chat!


  • Access your login to the database by contacting the president of your respective Ukrainian Student Organization (USO)
  • Use the various filters to find a professional who has experience in your area of interest
  • Once you have identified the professional that you would like to speak with, scroll to the bottom of their profile and fill out the given fields.
  • The professional will receive an email about your request and will respond when they can
  • Once you receive a response from the professional, respond by initiating a conversation about when you are available to meet. Provide them with times that you are available within the time frame that they gave
  • Prepare for your coffee chat using the resources found under the resources tab
  • Coffee chat!


    Getting Ready for your Coffee Chat


    Below are three articles that might help you to better understand what a coffee chat is and how to make the most of yours!


    Email Etiquette


    First impressions are important and virtual connections make it that much harder. If you are worried about what to say in your first email visit the links below.



    Sample Email